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[23], Behind the Pinonriegel (Pinon trench) in the south-west corner of the salient near Laffaux, work had begun on a reserve line from Pinon to Vaudesson and on rearward defences behind the Canal de l'Oise a l'Aisne for a possible retirement, known as the Gudrun Bewegung (Gudrun Manoeuvre). On 25 May, three German columns attacked a salient north-west of Bray-en-Laonnois and gained a footing in the French first trench, before being forced out by a counter-attack. Paroches | Mont Chauve | Sie liegt im Norden der Region Île de France auf dem in beiden Weltkriegen stark umkämpften Höhenzug Chemin des Dames im Département Aisne beim ehemaligen Fort de la Malmaison Gondreville | French tanks (artillerie d'assault) had been technically improved since 16 April, when they had operated on the plain from Craonne to Berry-au-Bac, despite the steep spurs, cratered ground and the establishment of anti-tank batteries by the Germans. Ce mois-ci, à l'occasion du centenaire de la bataille de La Malmaison, dans l'Aisne, focus sur les monuments aux morts de trois villages situés dans l'exact périmètre des combats : Chavignon, Vaudesson et Pinon. Laya 2019. Ouvrage d’infanterie | Guérite blindée | The German defenders were eventually forced back, beyond the Bassin d'alimentation on the Monampteuil Heights. Until the beginning of the battle, the artillery of both sides fired constantly, with much trench-mortar fire by the French, which a German report of 20 October, reported had transformed the foremost fighting zone between Vauxaillon and Braye into a crater field. [12], On the night of 26/27 August, German artillery conducted a preliminary bombardment for an attack early on 27 August, west of the Soissons–Laon road, from Moisy Farm to the south-east of Vauxaillon and Laffaux. The Chiefs of Staff of the defeated groups were sacked and it was agreed with Army Group German Crown Prince, that the Bunzelwitz Bewegung (Bunzelwitz Manoeuvre) should begin on 26 October. La Malmaison. Bombers and flame-thrower teams searched the galleries, several machine-guns were captured and at 6:05 a.m., the flag of the battalion was hoisted over the fort. The road from Pargny-Filain to Chavignon was to be crossed to reach the objective at Many Farm to the east. Fort La Malmaison : given up about 15 km North-East of SOISSONS! Explore Fort de la Malmaison in La Malmaison, France as it appears on Google Maps and Bing Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on The 38th Division crossed the Pargny-Filain–Chavignon road at the same time and attacked Many Farm. The fort was in the northern angle between the Chemin-des-Dames and the Soissons–Laon road. October 2nd 2008 Thursday 2 October 2008 Plan was to go across country quickly from Compiegne to Reims. Much of the German artillery was south of the canal, from Pinon to Pargny and was cramped for space in patches of woodland, so far back that only long-range fire could reach beyond the French front line. and during 18 October, French detachments patrolled between Vauxaillon and Braye-en-Laonnois, destroyed several strong points and returned with 100 prisoners from four German divisions. Le plus gros canon tirait des obus de 40 kg à une distance de 9 km. Les réserves de vivres et de munitions étaient prévues pour soutenir six mois de siège, et les fours de la boulangerie permettaient de cuire 600 rations de pain chaque jour. Simultaneous attempts were made to advance on the Ailles Plateau to the west of the spur and to the east, on the evening of 4 September and morning of 5 September. [22] Reserve positions in the salient ran north-east and the front position had insufficient depth, as it lay partly on and partly behind the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, which had a convex slope at the top. Vézelois | [15][b], Fort de la Malmaison lay on the Chemin-des-Dames ridge and had been built as part of an entrenched camp north of the Aisne, in the Séré de Rivières system, designed by General Raymond Adolphe Séré de Rivières and built from the 1870s. The German armies in France were still short of reserves, despite the retirements to the Hindenburg Line in March and suffered 163,000 casualties during the Nivelle Offensive. At about 6:00 a.m., the 31st Chasseur Battalion stormed Malmaison Farm and at 6:45 a.m., the French were established north of the Riegelstellung. [50], The 7th Army commander, Boehn, concluded that the Chemin des Dames was untenable and proposed to retire, even though this would require the abandonment of the defences for another 20 km (12 mi) to the east, as far as Craonne and reserve positions on high ground about 3 km (1.9 mi) further back, as well as the Laffaux Salient. The 66th Division and the left flank regiment of the 67th Division of XXXIX Corps, were to capture the Panthéon Farm fortifications, at the south-east end of the Malmaison plateau and to occupy the area round the Orage Quarry to the north, from the stump of Les Bovettes water-tower, to an underground quarry at the head of the Bovettes ravine, which descended to Pargny-Filain. The 28th and 27th divisions were then to descend into the ravine of Allemant, capture the quarry and ruins of Allemant, the Allemant plateau and the strong points between the German first and second positions. [24], On 15 September, the 7th Army had c. 168 aircraft against 300 French but the Army Group headquarters delayed the dispatch of more air units until mid-October, having expected attacks elsewhere and had also reinforced the Flanders front. Télégraphe | Außerdem verfügte das Fort über eine Lichtsignalstation zur Verbindung mit den Nachbarwerken. 91. On the extreme right flank near La Royère Farm, the 67th Division made little headway but the 66th Division pushed on to the Panthéon, Orage and Bovettes quarries. Bois des Gobineaux, beyond the road on the south side of the Laffaux–Pinon ravine, was captured by the 21st and 20th Chasseur battalions, Vaurains Farm in the western angle of the Soissons–Laon and Pinon roads, was captured with tank support and the east ends of Lizard Trench and Lady Trench were occupied. [8], In the Second Battle of the Aisne (16 April – 9 May), the French failed to achieve their strategic objective of a breakthrough and a return to a war of movement but captured tactically important ground and inflicted many casualties on the German defenders. Write a Review. At midnight on 22/23 October, the shelling increased to drumfire. Many of the new air units arrived after the French preliminary bombardment had begun and when the French infantry attack came, were still unfamiliar with the terrain. Arches | East of the reservoir, the valley of the Upper Ailette was visible as far as the Troyon–Laon road. Das mala-mansio wird im 6. [54] A party of Chasseurs found an empty German trench and the field artillery opened a creeping barrage, behind which waves of infantry advanced over the crest. In fifteen minutes, the French attack recaptured the ground, except on the right flank, where the crew of a machine-gun post resisted until the morning. 1 April 2004, 07:09 AM. [20] Some tanks were attached to XIV Corps, on the west flank of the Sixth Army, astride the Soissons–Laon road. Attacked from the front and flanks, the Germans would have to retire behind the Ailette, where a French pursuit up the valley of the Ardou to Laon could be enfiladed by German artillery on the Anizy hills and in the Forest of Coucy. Es war daher notwendig, Betonverstärkungen aufzutragen. Bouviers | Afin d’accompagner la cérémonie officielle du dimanche 22 octobre 2017 au fort de La Malmaison, un camp militaire de la Grande Guerre a été reconstitué afin de rappeler au grand-public les principaux éléments de la bataille de La Malmaison et honorer la mémoire des combattants. From the farm, the front line went north-eastwards to a point 910 m (1,000 yd) south of La Malmaison Farm, due west of the fort and to the right of the Soissons–Laon road. [49], In Group Crépy, the 14th Division managed to form a continuous line along the Pinonriegel, to the original position on the right flank and no French attack ensued; at 2:45 p.m. the Group headquarters ordered the withdrawal of the remaining artillery, south of the canal. Thiaumont | Seclin | Tavannes | Some ground was gained on the Vauclerc Plateau, until French counter-attacks recovered the ground. Sie feuerten über Bank, d. h. über die Brüstung. Trou d’Enfer | Januar 1887 über die Umbenennung der Forts, befestigten Artillerieanlagen und Kasernen gemäß dem Vorschlag des Kriegsministers Général Boulanger. On 23 May, a German assault on the Vauclerc Plateau was defeated and on 24 May, a second attack was driven back in confusion. Could somebody point me to the whereabouts of Fort de la Malmaison? Bessoncourt | For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for La Malmaison . When the Germans stumbled upon the empty fort they integrated it in their defensive line. Octobre 1917, le fort est repris aux Allemands. North-east of Craonne, the ruins of Chevreux were occupied, patrols reached the southern outskirts of Corbeny and another twenty heavy and field guns were captured. Fort Malmaison lies near the western end of Chemin des Dames on a former frontline of World War One. Die Vorräte an Lebensmitteln und Munition hätten für eine sechsmonatige Belagerung ausgereicht. At noon, Group Crépy was given command of the 52nd Division and Group Vailly command of the last two battalions of the 43rd Reserve and 9th divisions. The night of 23/24 October was quiet and during the day, only minor skirmishing took place, as the French consolidated. The plateau was separated from the Filain and Pargny-Filain area, on the east of the French attack front, by a valley into which the eastern or Bois de la Garenne gully opened, just south of Chavignon. On the right flank, from Laffaux Mill to Mennejean Farm, the 27th Division and XXI Corps to the east of the farm, attacked the southern face of the salient. Crèche | Benennung. 8,95 € 8,06 €-+-10% ★ 4.5. Belfort | The advance was resumed by the right wing, as the left flank units halted on a line from Vallée Guerbette, to a point 460 m (500 yd) north of Allemant. 22 Offiziere, 46 Unteroffiziere, 736 Mannschaften: zusammen 804 Mann, 2 Pulvermagazine für 120 Tonnen Schwarzpulver, Magazine für 500.000 Kartuschen, 1 Pulverlaboratorium, 2 Backöfen mit einer Kapazität von je 300 Broten täglich, 2 Brunnen mit einer Leistung von je 18,3 m³ täglich, 1 Zisterne mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 60 m³, 1 Krankenrevier mit 80 Betten, 1 Stall für 14 Pferde. The Battle of La Malmaison (Bataille de la Malmaison) from 23 to 27 October, was the final French action of the 1917 campaign in the First World War, which had begun with the Nivelle Offensive.The French captured the village and fort of La Malmaison and took control of the Chemin des Dames ridge. In the centre, XXI Corps (Général Jean Degoutte) prepared to attack with the 13th and 43rd divisions. Where the thickness of the roof was too great for one shell, a salvo falling about the same spot gradually reduced the layer of rock, until it was thin enough to be penetrated. Round the Château de la Motte and to the north, at the strong point of Vallée Guerbette, below the east end of the Mont des Singes plateau, there was also a determined defence. For centuries stone-cutters had tunnelled into the ridge; the sides and summits of the plateaux were studded with workings, often 9.1–12.2 m (30–40 ft) underground and many, like the Dragon's Cave beneath the Hurtebise Finger, were connected to the surface by tunnels. At Verdun, from 20 to 24 August the Second Army had taken 8,100 prisoners. The Montparnasse, Fort de la Malmaison and Bohery excavations, the Fruty Quarry on the edge of the Soissons–Laon road, about 1.6 km (1 mi) east of Laffaux Mill and many other subterranean obstacles faced the Sixth Army. El Jardín de las Iguales Garnacha 2018. Per Präsidialdekret vom 21. In 1914 it was abandoned by the French because of its poor condition. Ursprünglich wurde es Fort de la Malmaison genannt. Saint-Priest | [28], On 23 October at 5:45 a.m., the French infantry were to advance between the Anizy–Vauxaillon railway and Royère on a 10 km (6.2 mi) front, to the northern edge of the ridge on which lay the villages of Pinon, Chavignon, Pargny and Filain, in three stages. [6] The First Army attacked from Ecurie north of the Scarpe to Vimy Ridge, which fell at about 1:00 p.m., in a 4,000 yd (2.3 mi; 3.7 km) advance. There was a clear view northwards from the fort over the Ailette, along the lower edge of the west side of the Forest of Coucy and past the village of Brancourt; to the east were two groups of hills round Anizy, on the north bank of the Ailette. Three divisions were in reserve, the 5th Guards Division around Filain and Pargny-Filain, the 2nd Guards Division on the right supported the 13th Division and the 43rd Reserve Division held the ground between Malmaison and La Royère farms. [27], German engineers had exploited the irregular ground, which was easy to defend with machine-guns. 23 Monday Oct 2017. Montboucons | [47], The French artillery bombardment caused unprecedented destruction behind the German front, as far back as the canal and river bridges. La Malmaison ist eine französische Gemeinde mit 410 Einwohnern (Stand 1. Tourelle de mitrailleuses, Französische Befestigungen der Barrière de fer. Justice | The French infantry advanced behind an elaborate creeping barrage but the earlier zero hour meant that the attack began in the dark. A picture of Fort de Malmaison hosted by French aeroplanes flew overhead, attacked German infantry and bombed trenches, roads and bridges. Die Deutsche Kriegsgräberstätte Fort de Malmaison ist eine Ruhestätte für 11.841 deutsche Gefallene des Zweiten Weltkrieges in Frankreich. If successful, the centre of the Sixth Army would be in a salient but west of Vaudesson a deep ravine from north of Laffaux Mill to the east of Pinon, commanded from the west by the 27th Division in Giraffe Trench, would protect the left flank of XXI Corps from counter-attacks. French territorial gains on the Aisne, Nivelle Offensive, April–May 1917, Map of Vauclerc (commune FR insee code 51598), Map of Vauxaillon area (commune FR insee code 02768), Map of Allemant area (commune FR insee code 02010), Map of the Chavignon area (commune FR insee code 02174), Map of Vauclair area (commune FR insee code 02102), Map of the Vaudesson area (commune FR insee code 02766), German retreat from the Chemin des Dames, November 1917. The 38th Division captured Fort de Malmaison and XXI Corps took Allemant and Vaudesson. Taken in Chavignon. Champvillard | Bois d’Arcy | The Germans attacked in waves, sometimes advancing shoulder-to-shoulder, supported by flame-thrower detachments. Home; Places; Europe; France; Provence-Alpes-Côte D'Azur; Cannes; Things To Do In Cannes; La Malmaison; La Malmaison 4 1 Vote Currently Open [Closes at 06:00 pm] Address: 47 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France; Timings: 10:00 am - 01:00 pm Details Tags: Art Gallery, Museums; Contribute; La Malmaison Map. [17], From the ramparts, the Germans could see all movement from the Ailette to the Aisne and on the spurs running down to the Aisne from the Chemin-des-Dames ridge. The deep, steep Laffaux–Pinon ravine between Mont des Singes and the Allermant plateau, increased the difficulties of the German defenders in the salient. Jahrhundert zum ersten Mal als königliche Villa (eines … [41], South of the Pinon–Chavignon road, Pinon and Rosay forests extended to the south bank of the Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne. Already tagged. Artillery support was provided by the 2nd, 12th, 32nd, 231st, 240th and 259th artillery regiments with 812 field guns, 768 × 75 mm and 44 × 95 mm, 862 heavy guns from 105–380 mm (4.1–15.0 in), 105 super-heavy guns and 66 trench mortar batteries.

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