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Around 6am I rolled out of my sleeping bag to find a chilly grey sky. Eurovelo 8 en Provence. Hello Italy. My change of plans will shape the next six months. Sure, I haven’t had much experience with camping, and until last week, I’d never put up a tent entirely on my own. Despite having intended to avoid paying for accommodation, I booked a room at La Vecchia Casa. Croatia must be secret code for beautiful country. Often when I’m riding somewhere really fast I’ll be smiling so much I actually just start laughing for the pure joy of it. Next up is an example of why I love travelling alone and with only a very vague itinerary. I stopped at a shop for a minute and lost my sunglasses from where they were tucked at the top of my front pannier. I’ll treasure it forever), Local Hardware Store I had enough space for everything and didn’t regret them because they brought a little indulgence and comfort to what can become a fairly austere lifestyle. EuroVelo 8 dissects northern Italy from east to west, and a cycle trip will allow you to get a real understanding of this region. Jelena also set out on her first bicycle tour alone, and it was the best thing she’s ever done. I’m ok with that though – it was day one and the important thing is that I didn’t stop! Your email address will not be published. On the kitchen cupboards are cutouts from a calendar, showing the history of flight through artists’ eyes. 4.10 – pocket knife (swiss army knives were in the 20-30 euro range, I just looked around the knife section and found a much cheaper knife with all the same attachments – win!) The road was awfully dusty, with bridge after bridge over smaller roads and suburbs, me picking my way through the gravel and broken glass alongside almost stationary traffic. Seven hours and 125km saw me arrive at my couchsurfing host’s place just a little late, with sore knees, hands and bum. I let my slow, steady pace beat a rhythm of perseverance as I was beginning to doubt whether this had been the best route to start out with – so much incline. The old capital is picturesque and cultured, no half-finished buildings like in the new capital and plenty of pedestrians out and about despite the drizzle. I took a small road to escape the dust and immediately got a flat tyre. One of the beautiful things about traveling solo is that you don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule. This is my list of equipment for biking tour budget, along with the approximate price of each item (in euros). 2.30 – torch A close friend of mine left Australia some years ago to do something that to me was unheard of and totally awesome. Funny isn’t it. I’d been told that the people one meets on Warmshowers are unfailingly amazing, and this, my second experience being hosted, only confirms it. So my paints and charcoals, makeup and hair product are included, and camping cookware isn’t. It started with more of Zoran’s excellent cooking, prosciutto and eggs with coffee. La Ciclovia EuroVelo 8, o Ciclovia Mediterranea, collega Cadice a Cipro e attraversa la provincia di Mantova sugli argini del Po. And fear aside, as Nike dictates, sometimes you’ve got to “just do it”! When you open the cupboard doors there are pinup girls. I was pretty chilly too, so I quickly freshened up, ate a banana and some nuts, and packed up the camp. Snow started appearing on the slopes and the air grew noticeably crisper. Una volta arrivato in città, dopo aver percorso oltre 2.000 km in bicicletta, Paolo ha affrontato la mitica Maratona di Atene. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Goran prides himself on knowing all of the secrets of the area, from where to eat, where to swim and where the most beautiful women are. Dave’s Travel Pages has a number of affiliate links placed within the travel blog. I hope you enjoy reading Cat's adventures as much as I did! Gran parte dei percorsi Eurovelo, compreso il numero 8, è in via di sviluppo per ciò Paolo ed Antony dovranno tracciare personalmente l’itinerario da pedalare giorno per giorno. I’m sure some student will give her a new and easier life. I expect to take at least a month, if not more. I’ve been reading a travelogue of the late Anne Mustoe who in her fifties left her headmistress job in England and cycled the world. It’s not bad considering how cheap the rest of this bicycle adventure is going to be – camping or couchsurfing, and eating simple food. Dal porto di Atene, il Pireo, un servizio regolare di traghetti porta a Limassol, nella parte greca di Cipro. I’m going to start looking out for them as a free camping option. It’s a loved city. EuroVelo, la rete ciclabile europea, è un progetto del ECF (European Cyclists' Federation teso a sviluppare una rete di 15 itinerari ciclabili di lunga percorrenza attraverso tutto il continente europeo. Il percorso fa parte dell'itinerario Mediterraneo Eurovelo 8 Due to a restructure of their pages, I was asked to keep her story alive by hosting her blog posts here instead. Continuing my bicycle touring Croatia, I was actually glad of the steady incline along the coast because it got my blood pumping and temperature up. Arrivati in Grecia, l’Eurovelo 8 prende deciso la strada per Atene evitando la costa per raggiungere in fretta il Mar Egeo. My approximate route will take me first through the cultural hub Centinje, where I’ll explore and camp nearby. L’isola è infatti divisa in due da quando, nel 1974, l’esercito turco ne invase la parte nord, instaurando una repubblica indipendente. About 8km from the Slovenian border I stopped at a roadside memorial to snack on some tuna and beetroot, when Zoran rolled past on his touring bicycle, panniers and all. Fin out more here: Week 10 Bike touring Spain. Percorso Eurovelo 8. Eurovelo … In the morning I fixed the flat tyre and packed up my stuff. I also haven’t ever cycled exceptionally long distances. Then heading northwest down a mountain road with spectacular scenery towards Risan, where I have a contact ready to take me in and show me around. After about an hour I stopped in at a little town hoping to get a coffee, but Croatia can be so expensive, the coffee was the equivalent of $4 AUD, so I decided not to. Eurovelo 7: il percorso del sole. Here's her story. People are smiling and expressive, they dress well with awesome hairstyles. On the other hand, because I wasn’t planning my bike tour I only bought the bare minimum of gear that I thought I would need, and along the way picked up things that I found through experience really were useful, like the handlebar horns, sewing kit and padded cycling shorts. That little voice of mine hasn’t let me into irreparable damage yet, so I’m going to trust it. 14° Giorno da Castellón de la Plana a Valencia, 13° Giorno da Tarragona a Sant Carles de la Ràpita. 5 – bicycle lock This is something I was very happy to do! Il loro obiettivo è infatti quello di completare una sorta di duathlon studiato ed elaborato in autonomia. I am lucky in the people I’ve met while traveling! I offered to contribute my supplies of spinach, tinned fish, and kiwifruit, worried that I was already costing him by eating his excellent food. Il meglio per le due ruote in provincia di Treviso. After a couple days in Padova, it was on to Bologna. I spent the day wandering around the city, through the historically-dodgy-but-now-intriguing neighbourhood El Raval, and of course, I checked out one of the Gaudi houses which was definitely dreamy but possibly nightmarish too. Eurovelo 8 in Italia – 316km Di cicloturismo in data 05/09/2019 Percorso: Forte dei Marmi – Valencia Tappe: Forte dei Marmi – Rapallo – Albenga Bicicletta in macchina, destinazione Forte dei Marmi, dove Antony Ferrari mi aspetta con ansia per partire verso Valencia. (bicycle touring spain). 0.80 – soap box, for when I have something to say to the world, Local Supermarket Looking back on my cycling tour across South Europe, it seems a little debrief would be helpful. A grey sky and misty horizon added to the sense of being stuck in a monochrome film; silver grey, stone grey and storm grey. But here, take this spoon and let me fill it with water, and be careful not to spill it. Si chiama EuroVelo 8, e nelle intenzioni di chi l'ha ideata dovrebbe essere una lunga ciclovia capace di collegare varie località europee del Bacino Mediterraneo. Except for the gravity, I could have been biking the moon. If my map had been accurate it would have said “landing on the moon” when I crossed the bridge to Pag Island. Jill & Florence’s Insider Tips: #RestartCycleTourism with a staycation. I’d only bought a deck-passenger ticket which entitled me to move about the public spaces on the ship; the bars and restaurants serving overpriced junk food and that didn’t like loitering scruffy cyclists taking up residence on their couches, the cold windy decks, and thankfully a room filled with aeroplane-like seating complete with bony armrests where we cheapskates could take refuge. (In Montenegro, they have separate stores for all things plastic. La Vecchia Casa means The Old House, and it is one of the houses in Cetinje remaining from King Nikola’s time. News. 105 – front LED light, back safety light, back rack, upgraded saddle, bell, bottle holder, seat bag, gloves, helmet, pump, repair patches, tyre lever, spare inner tubes, Local Sporting Store Eurovelo 8: l'itinerario del Mediterraneo Eurovelo Routes detta anche «la strada del Mediterraneo», è una pista ciclabile parte della rete del programma europeo EuroVelo. Below are excerpts from her posts, and there are also links to each original post. Zana’s friend met with me later in the evening to direct me along the best route out of Cetinje. Adela took me out for dinner that evening to her local Indian restaurant (palaak and dhal! Percorso Eurovelo 8. I thought it was an insanely adventurous idea. Below are the items I packed and some of what I learned and would do next time related to bicycle touring gear. Read the full bike touring blog post here: Biking the Kotor mountain road. After a coffee and a bite to eat, I visited the palace of King Nikola. Since leaving the bike and travelling by foot and thumb I’ve culled a lot more because the backpack is too heavy. I’m in Podgorica, Montenegro, hanging out with the great folk at while I prepare for the big adventure. Required fields are marked *. 14° Giorno da Castellón de la Plana a Valencia 30/11/2018. Scarica la traccia GPS e segui il percorso su una mappa. Linking EuroVelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route and EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route, this bike trip goes through the Pyrenees from sea to sea, exploring unique landscapes. 143 – Polar Trinity mountain bike (Serbian made, seems to work fine to me, don’t know much about it) So I unloaded her, tied my sleeping bag, mat and tent to my backpack, took what I needed from my panniers and left her next to a university with bags, tools, and even the keys sitting in the lock. An airplane is drawing a comet’s tail as it falls toward a purple-pink horizon and all I can hear is the waves. We would visit both Dubrovnik, Croatia and Trebinje, Bosnia. With half an hour till closing I smiled my way into free admission, feeling like a naughty child running around the rooms of this enormous extravagant home, snapping photos until the attendant found me and told me that photos weren’t allowed. It’s not every day you go biking with trolls hiding all around you. To put into words what attracted me about Barcelona is like trying to capture the grandeur of the Taj Mahal on Polaroid film, but I’ll try.

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